About Us

Hello! And welcome to Lily & Pine Fibre Arts! We're so glad you're here! 

Lily & Pine Fibre Arts is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are obsessed with colour (neons are absolutely neutrals in our world!), and we hope you are too! We pride ourselves on creating unique colourways on deliciously squishy bases. 

Lily & Pine was founded by Erin, and is currently the primary dyer, and main contact for us. Erin started dyeing fibre for spinning, when she couldn't find that exact colour she needed for a project. As she learned and progressed at dyeing yarn and fibre, she set up shop in the basement, and turned her love of dyeing in a business! Seven years, and countless skeins of yarn later, that business has grown into their garage and a full time career!

Brad is Erin's husband, and is our tech wiz! His knowledge of computers an graphic design make up for his lack of knitting skills - just barely!! Brad is the creative genius behind all our graphic design, and can be seen helping set up for yarn festivals!

Fergus the Bernedoodle is our mascot, emotional support pup, and foot warmer in the cold months. If you pick up yarn from our home studio, don't be warned off by his barks - he's a gentle giant!